Be a beauty smart ass

Be a beauty smart ass

I am a beauty therapist.

The beauty industry on the whole has served me well and given me means to live, meet wonderful people, learn about what makes people happy and sad and it is a truly wonderful industry to be involved in but I find myself more recently questioning beauty treatments, products and standards as I become increasingly aware of media influences (in particular social media) on what we do to our faces and our bodies.

While there are many positives to learning about beauty online (I have been known to frantically watch a you tube video of a new nail art technique that has been requested by a client) there is also a really dismal side that exposes us and our young people to information that we don’t fully understand, think along the lines of plumping your lips in a shot glass (groan), contouring your face till you look like a member of 5 Star (google it kids), products galore and what on earth is the purpose of an ombré eyebrow?

We all have to learn from our mistakes and this I have no objection to, considering I went through the not so cool foundation on your lips trend but my main concern is that not enough people are questioning the beauty industry. A new super, wonder product is released and touted as the best thing since sliced bread and a gazillion people buy it because JLo and her face look toight loike toiger. How do we know it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Cause L’Orèal told us so. Ahhh but Ms/Mr L’Oréal do you know me? Do you know my sensitivities, my skin type, my needs, my wants, what makes me happy. No, you most certainly do not. But guess what? I do. I know the answer to these questions and, my people, so do you. That new super, wonder product may not be the one for you so put it back on the shelf and ask the question, why am I buying this, if the answer is that you know it works for your skin type then pop it in the basket. If the answer is cause Doreen shared it on Facebook and she looks great or everyone and their grannies has it then leave it on the shelf.

Ask questions of the industry, teach your young people to ask questions of the industry. Why do I wear make up? What is moisturiser and why do I need it? What is my skin type? What is my skin tone? Do I actually feel happy when my hair is in a topknot? Why are Kylie Jenners lips in the shape of a circle? Sorry, that’s not really the point here but why are they?

To conclude, if you ask questions of the beauty industry and its experts you will find answers and this will result in you having products that work for you, treatments that you enjoy having done, make up that you know how to apply and a beauty regime (or not) that brings to you and your fantastical uniqueness a Happy Face?

Our mantra – “Oooh look, a super duper wonder product, I wonder if it will be super duper for ME?”

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