In which I get some R&R

In which I get some R&R

I am rested.

R&R is vital for a healthy lifestyle. It brings balance to your mind and body, helps you focus and generally makes you feel on top of the world. On a side note, the term does not mean Rest and Resuscitation as I have been saying in my head for the past week. The meaning of resuscitation being – “the action of reviving someone from unconsciousness or apparent death” is not quite what I needed. I am not unconscious and I am apparently not dead so I googled it and the R’s, of course, stand for Rest and Recuperation.

I find rest time quite difficult to incorporate into my normal daily life as I juggle quite a few different balls (this term makes me blush a little, but sorry, can’t think of another way to put it) and my head can be rather chaotic. I’m sure you know as well as I do that chaos in your head equals stress. We have demands from jobs, second jobs, jobs on the side of the second jobs, paperwork, bills, keeping house, kids, partners, parents, grandparents, pets (my cats are very demanding creatures) and I’m sure you can add more to your own list.

Recently I invested in a bit of R&R. The investment was a heavy one and truth be told it wasn’t quite mine, I was treated by my special other (known from here on in as “my guy”) to a night away in a beautiful part of the homeland, in a Castle situated on a loch, with spa treatments and every possible meal you can squish into 24 hours. It all sounds heavenly and it most certainly was. From the overly attentive staff, “yes ma’am, no ma’am, 3 bags full ma’am,” to the stunning surroundings, our huge lodge room, the cosy spa, the peaceful bar and the plastic carrier bag of crisps, dip and cider we smuggled in I truly had the most incredible time.

Home for the night

After a walk around the local area it was spa time. If you’ve ever visited a spa you will be aware of the etiquette. Big fluffy robes, weird little foam open toed slippers, herbal teas, people lounging on indoor sun loungers, lockers I can never work out how to open and for me a weird feeling of uneasiness and vulnerability. I don’t know if this feeling is because I am a beauty therapist or if it’s the robe and the slippers or perhaps everyone feels this vulnerable as they relinquish themselves into the hands of the therapists so I decided not to analyse further and just embrace it.

My obsession with skincare made the choice of treatment easy, an hour long facial with the wonderful Matis products and wonderful it was. With exception to the part when the therapist rested her bosom on top of my head (uncomfortable) and while cleansing my skin she shut off the air in both nostrils (my mouth was closed so I had no ability to breathe for what seemed like ages) but when the hour was up I wanted to shout Nooooooo, don’t stop. My skin was fresh, silky smooth, plump and I felt immediately relaxed and rested with all feelings of uneasiness melted away as I strutted about that spa in my robe and foam slippers.

In our remaining indulgence hours we ate lots, drank a bit, discussed in great detail the thread count of the bed sheets, laughed, made friends with the staff and some ducks, walked in a big circle, laughed some more, chattered and twittered and I felt my shoulders drop to where they are meant to sit as all tension left my uptight body.

The peaceful bar

I’m home now. Rested. Recuperated. Feeling like I can conquer my world and assessing the powerful impact that R&R can have. I conclude that I don’t rest enough, I don’t relax enough and from this day forward I refuse to let that continue. Rest time doesn’t have to be in the form of a big Castle investment. It is as simple as taking time to breathe fresh air or sit in a quiet room to reflect and acknowledge how you feel in the moment. My wish for you today is to discover your favourite rest activity, commit to some recuperation time so you may have peace in your mind, a smile on your face and a will to conquer your own little worlds

“Watch out world, I am rested, recuperated and ready for you”

Love to you all







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