Shout out to Gen X

Shout out to Gen X

I am a generation X’er

Who are we? We were born somewhere between the mid sixties and late seventies, we are the cast of Friends, we are the coffee shop crew trying to analyse the world and put things right without actually putting anything right as we are in a constant state of anxiety. It’s very likely our bookshelves are full of self help books and my guess is we struggle to find our place right now between our baby boomer parents and our gen Y/Z children.

We are Friends

And the biggest question for me, where do Gen X fit into the ever growing beauty industry?

It seems to me that the current beauty standards are geared very much towards our younger sisters (the selfie takers, the you tube makers) and while I don’t particularly want to stereotype, for the purpose of this blog I have to, a little. Here’s why I am writing this today………

As I was preening this morning I thought back to my 20 year old face. It was a very different face back then, no hairs on my chinney chin chin, no lumps from ingrown hairs having tweezed said chin hairs, no dilated capillaries, no fine lines, no crows feet and I could run out of the house back then with not a scrap of make-up on without giving it a thought. I started to wish I was 20 again so I could use the plethora of products available to the younger generation. I’d go mad with NYX, Mac, Urban Decay, Benefit, Anastasia, By Kylie, or whatever the cult product of the moment may be. This thought quickly flipped to “what about me now”?

Are we being forgotten generation X? Take a look at a few adverts for products that you use. It’s likely you will see the current media starlings or darlings. The ones who the young ‘uns want to look like, the ones that sell products, the ones who we have outgrown, think Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder and Gigi for Maybelline. None of this marketing appeals to me one little bit so I started to look further at advertising campaigns by major brands. There are some token older broads, Victoria Beckham collection for Estée Lauder, Catherine Zeta Jones for Elizabeth Arden, J-Lo for Loreal, and of course Oil of Olay always use an older model as their campaigns are specifically geared towards us (as an aside, I hate their products)

I can see that brands want to represent us knowing that we likely spend most money on products but these women are unrealistic role models for us. They are mostly celebrities, they are mostly rich, they are mostly looking 10-15 years younger than they (and us) actually are! Give us something else beauty industry. You know we spend money so you are taking us for granted. Think about us more. Think about what we need for our 40+ year old skin. Think about who we aspire to be. Not just in terms of skincare but also fab make up that fits in with our hairy chins, our crows feet and our greying eyebrows.

I know there are a million (or there about) products we can use and I also know many brands and products that are fantastic for all women of all ages but I need to see more care, attention and acknowledgment of ageing hormones, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause. We need to feel connected to the brands and feel like they truly care that we spent our hard earned cash on them.

Bobbi does Gen X really well

My last shout out to you Gen X. Let us not be the generation that look at magazines, Facebook, twitter, instagram and wish we were 20 years younger. Let the big brands catch up and represent us all. Let us look in the mirror, forget our past skin, understand our present skin and do everything we can to protect our future skin.

“Hey, big brands, I am normal woman, represent me, please”

Love and big hugs


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