Imperfect Beings

Imperfect Beings

I am imperfect

This I know for fact and the reason I write this post today is due to a recent incident that reminded me of imperfection in us human beings.

A lovely, kind, loyal and special client of mine was in for a treatment. She was having a pretty rough day due to one thing or another and we chatted at length about life and it’s hardships in general. I wanted to help her to see that how we think affects our days and we can change our thoughts to help change our feelings and in turn change our days from being dismal to being delightful. All very deep and meaningful.

As she was leaving she uttered 5 wonderful words “That’s really cheered me up”

Success, I thought. My words of wisdom (haha) had resonated with her and she was leaving feeling happier. Then another 4 words that floored me “You’ve got grey hair”

My hair which is back to brown after my recent dalliance with blonde (see previous blog post) needs coloured at the moment so what cheered my client up most was seeing my white hair peeking through. I was honestly floored by this. All the chatting and the treatment and the attempts to make her day brighter and all it took to cheer her up was the fact that I was imperfect.

This incident has forced me into giving this subject a lot of thought and I have been observing women and their treatment of other women and I have been compelled to write this today to tell you, my sisters, stop it. Stop feeling good about the imperfections of others and start feeling good about your own cause I ain’t lying when I tell you everyone has them.

I won’t accept that it’s part of “human nature” to slag people off. We do not have to put others down to lift ourselves up and I do believe the complete opposite happens. The more you bring others down the worse you will feel about yourself or you certainly should feel worse about yourself.

Just yesterday I spotted a Facebook post of a picture of Kim Kardashians bottom. The picture made her bum look rather wobbly and a little lumpy and I personally didn’t think anything of this picture but it had plenty comments so with my new found interest in paying attention to peoples not niceties I had a look. Words like “haha”, “mutt”, “that’s a mess”, thats disgusting” were written in the comments. Sadness was all I felt.

I’m not suggesting we all have to be love and peace and vanilla as I understand the need to have opinion and a mind of our own which sometimes will differ from others and I don’t endorse what the Kardashians bring to the world (nothing really, I guess) but why is this woman being ridiculed and shamed for having cellulite on her backside. To make some feel better about themselves? Back to my point, if you were happy with your own dimply bum then you might not give 2 hoots about Kim having one.

I recall being a teenager and becoming bitchy. I wasn’t nice sometimes and I realise now this must be where it starts with girls. Self esteem at its lowest when we’ve grown out of innocent childhood but not yet become the adults we choose to be. How can we change this? It may not be possible but I, for one, am gonna give it a bash by championing women as much as I can, only saying the good things and stifling the bad, remembering that if I feel good about someone’s imperfections then it’s a clear indication I must have a word with myself.

Go now, sisters, and have a word with yourselves. Be kind to you and laugh about the things that make you imperfect. Oh and if it makes you feel better (though if you’ve been reading, it shouldn’t)  I have a big toenail on my right foot that’s about to fall off, stretch marks on my tum, hands like actual sandpaper and hairy nostrils.

Love, peace and vanilla to you all





7 thoughts on “Imperfect Beings”

  • Kezia, I have just discovered your blog!! I’ve read through all your posts and been both tickled and
    touched at different parts! You are one classy, fabulous lady, and one thing that I have always thought
    sets you apart from others (amongst many wonderfull things!) is that you are REAL. There isn’t, and
    never has been, an ounce of fakeyness about you, and that shines through in your posts, not to mention
    in real life. You are fab ❤️ I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thank you Louise for your really kind words, you made me smile today. It’s always lovely having you in to the beauty room ❤️

  • I just need to look at my daughters to be blinded
    by true beauty, it’s the complete natural
    uninhabited emotion, happy and sad that is
    amazing to behold, they are only 2 and 5 but they
    think they are amazing and they love their own
    bodies and I love that! And they love all my soft
    bits. I have had issues all my life with my body,
    but I know feel like a beautiful mum and I will
    encourage their own confidence in their bodies

    • I love this Gill

      Mothers blessed with daughters have the difficult job of building the little ones self esteem as they go through life.
      I don’t doubt you will do this fantastically well ❤️

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