Enough is enough

Enough is enough

I am enough

What am I talking talking about? I recently watched a Hollywood type female proclaim to Oprah that she was enough. Just as she is, she is enough. Now, rarely do I watch Hollywood starlets proclaim anything and become inspired. Some (most) of them irritate me a little even if I try to ignore them. Their photoshopped, fillered, botoxed faces and airbrushed bodies leading us to believe that we are not enough.

And there it is!

An Epiphany!

I am enough. You are enough. They are enough. We are all enough

It doesn’t matter if your lips are thin or your forehead is wrinkly. It doesn’t matter if your nose is squint or your muffin top is not tucking into your jeans today. It doesn’t matter if you have a gigantic pluke on your chin or you haven’t washed your hair this morning. None of it matters. Do you hear me?

These are not the things that shape the incredible human that you are. I have so many visitors to my beauty room apologise for the way they look and I always want to say to them, “I don’t care, cause you are a really lovely human”

This is what matters

I am only scratching the surface of this topic here and most of the examples I make relate to the physical appearance. I have done this because I am a beauty therapist. It is what I encounter every day. It is a wonderful industry to be part of and I do believe grooming is an important part of being an incredible human. Taking care of you and doing things that make you feel good are important but it is equally as important to know you are perfectly fine if you don’t partake in any of the beauty malarkey too

Us, our parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, partners, siblings, children, friends don’t realise (perhaps some do) the damage we/they can cause to another human when we/they “make” them believe they are not enough.

“You look tired” “What on earth are you wearing?” “Ooohhh getting dressed up today” “I prefer your hair long” “Why are you wearing make up” “I hate that top on you” “Look at the size of that pluke” “You need to exercise”

Any projection of someone else’s opinion onto us can make us feel inferior, less, weak, sad, ugly, not enough

How do we counteract this? We remember that nobody can “make” us feel like we are not enough. We remember that other people’s projections of what is enough is not ours. We remember to strive to be the best human that we can possibly be and we remember that we are always enough

Love to you all


P.S I haven’t written a blog for a while because I felt what I had to say wasn’t enough. Watch out world cause I’ve got my voice back





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